Worship is the heart of our life together at Grace Church. It is where we experience Christ’s love together in community, renewing and growing our faith and forming us to serve our neighbors and world. We worship in the timeless rhythm and patterns of the Church’s ancient liturgy, but with an eye for real life issues and struggles. It’s timeless worship for today’s world. Here are some things you might experience when you worship with us:


  • Appeals to all of your senses. At Grace, we worship using all of the gifts of sensory perception that God has given us – the sound of music and word, the sight of colorful vestments and art, the feel of baptismal water, the taste of bread and wine, and the smell of incense.
  • Music from a variety of time periods from around the world.
  • Changes. Our worship life moves with the seasons – quietly waiting for Christmas, joyous celebration at Easter, space for silence and introspection during Lent. We experience Christ’s loving presence in a wide variety of ways!
  • A sermon from Pastor Kevin or one of our seminarians connecting the words of the Bible to our lives in today’s world as we follow Christ.
  • Weekly celebration of a meal that Christ has prepared for us. Some call it communion, others the eucharist, still others the Lord’s Supper. At Grace Church, we simply call it God’s table…and everyone is welcome around it!
  • Special events, such as baptisms.
  • The chance to be involved. In song, in prayer, and in service, there are all kinds of ways to use your gifts in worship at Grace.
  • Times of silence and contemplation. Prayer and worship are two way conversations; we take time to listen for God’s voice when we gather.